In the blog this week we’re looking at the role of artwork in interior design. Whilst the role of design itself is creative and requires artistic input – artworks are an integral part of any interior architecture. Design is not just about colours, curtains and cushions. It’s a complex puzzle of how best to fit people into spaces, functionally and ergonomically. Artwork provides a focal point and is the perfect way to complete a design concept, but only when it’s done right!

Our role as interior designers is to bring everything together,  shaping internal spaces to achieve successful open and closed environments, air flow, lighting, acoustics, furniture, decorations and branding. We give our clients the best possible use of their space, the best environment for their business, success on day one of occupation, and flexibility into the future, but it needs to look good too!

Artwork in our world isn’t just about paintings and illustrations. Artworks scope the branding, graphics and acoustic treatments. Branding is specific to your company and should be both aesthetic and practical. Co-ordinated colours, patterns and images are used to reinforce your brand, and define spaces and their uses.

On many of our projects we team up with specialist partners Artworks Solutions who work with us on our developed design schemes and provide branding, graphics and acoustic solutions for the workplace environment. Artwork within a physical environment means everything from graphic design, product development and acoustic solutions through to on-demand manufacturing and installation.

We use the colour scheme to design and select art that becomes the main focus of a space but also whilst integrated brand identity or signage into a space. Take our apple and honeycomb themed artwork for our project at Thatchers HQ, or the exhibition wall at Wyke Farms. In every single project we take great care selecting imagery and creating artwork that compliments and completes a space.

Here are some examples of great artwork in interior design schemes.