We’re taking it back to basics and are looking at natural materials in interior design and architecture. There are so many benefits to choosing natural materials – they’re timeless, durable and environmentally friendly. From stone to wood and metal, these materials can be introduced into any design scheme and provide a strong stand alone aesthetic.

The quality of natural materials is unrivalled and they come in so many different forms – there really is something for every concept. Raw materials offer beautiful textures and organic patterning that compliment selected fabrics and furnishings perfectly.

We’ll start with wood. Timber is probably the most widely appreciated material, it’s strong, durable and malleable. An obvious option for construction and for furniture but also a beautiful material for flooring. Wood comes in multiple colours and textures – from light pine, darker oak, all the way to the increasingly popular exotic types. It’s a good thermal and electrical insulator and can support considerable weight. Whether varnished for a glossy, more opulent feel or untreated for a raw and rough aesthetic.

Our next material is stone – the oldest construction material! Stone finishes are highly resilient, waterproof and heat resistant and as a result can be used in spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom and for flooring options. There are so many different types of stone available all with different characteristics and qualities. From the beautiful purple-blue hues of slate, to marble, granite or sandstone – the variety of colours, textures and finishes are unlimited! Polished stone surfaces are smooth and reflective, whereas natural stone is textured and rough!

Finally we’re talking metal! Metal is a strong material that can have many different aesthetics from elegant brushed brass, cosy copper elements to industrial iron. Combined with other materials, metal will work well in every interior – even the more traditional or modern ones! One of the qualities we particularly love about natural materials is how they age, providing stunning and long-lasting interior design.

Check out our inspiration gallery and see how you can introduce some natural elements into your space!