This week we’re looking at autumn and design as the seasons begin to change. Like all change, we think it’s best to embrace the transition and not resist it – yes the days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing, but let’s go with it!

Autumn triggers the feeling of wanting to hibernate away from the cold, damp outdoors and spend more time curled up at home. So, we’re thinking about the ways we can spice up your interior design with a few touches that will make your space that little bit cosier.

Some autumn interior design must haves are rich colour palettes and layer textures – we’re talking rugs, throws and cushions! After last winter, our mental health is at the absolute top of the list when it comes to transforming areas of our homes. We want a safe, peaceful and relaxing space where we can unwind and look after ourselves – create a reading corner or quiet zone that you can retreat to for some ‘you-time’. It’s more important than ever before that if you are working from home, you designate areas that you spend specifically ‘at work’ and the rest remains your home. (Trust us, this will help your work productivity and motivation too!)

As you know, we love an injection of colour and what better way to adjust the colour palette of a room then to rearrange the artwork. This is effective interior design on a budget! Posters, sculptures, artwork – even candles, can refresh your space entirely. Pick a warm colour scheme and theme your artwork and photographs around it.

Some interior design trends we predict will be making a comeback this ‘fall’ are lots of round edges and shapes and much to our joy – rich emerald green tones complimented with house plants! It’s all about creating a sanctuary in your own place, so essentially, whatever makes you feel snug and relaxed works!

Remember to maximise access to daylight as the days get shorter, we feel the impact much more during the colder/darker months – especially if working at a desk. Make sure you’re taking regular breaks, getting outside for a stroll no matter the weather and sitting near to natural light if possible through out the day.

Here’s our autumn inspiration gallery to get you started!