This week we’re talking about what cultivating a company culture looks like, and more importantly what it means. The ‘Company Culture’ has become one of those phrases that is thrown around in almost every business discussion these days – particularly since the pandemic has seen almost every organisation re-evaluating its core values.

The key to a successful and progressive company culture is it being a conscious one. We’re talking super clear objectives – the values that the organisation is built on and the values that define it. It’s so important that what matters to the organisation is communicated clearly to clients, employees – current and prospective alike.

The core values and beliefs that create a company’s culture need to be constantly worked upon and reevaluated. It’s teamwork and it involves everyone. We would suggest a successful company culture is not a static concept – it is fluid, adaptive and malleable. It’s important that the core pillars of any business are constantly assessed and improved upon wherever possible. This is all about feedback, strategy and flexibility.

Change can be intimidating, but only when it involves uprooting and drastically flipping a current strategy on its head – if change and flexibility is an integral part of a company culture then it becomes easy.

Getting heads together to identify the resources, tools and systems that will realise the desired culture is the first step. Allowing input from across all levels will promote the culture into every corner of the business but also the modelling of the company culture internally will extend into the employee and client experience.

We’re talking accountability. A company’s values have to be more than a good-willed intention, these should direct and define the business’s entire output, strategy and ethos. Comprehensive goal-setting and success metrics need to be set and assessed regularly. Connection and empowerment come hand in hand within the work environment.

At Wylde we can help you clarify your priorities and ambitions with preliminary exploratory work including detailed briefing interviews, workshop sessions and stakeholder mapping. Once we have a closer understanding of your business we compile a detailed briefing document that outlines overall objectives and practical requirements, and we explore the options through sketches and mood images. This helps define and outline what it is you need from your space, that we facilitate your company culture and employee engagement including space usage to the look and feel, and gives the project a direction from the outset. Get in touch!