Let’s face it, this autumn we’re heading towards at a winter like we’ve never had before, so it’s time to prepare for the colder seasons where we’ll be at home more than we usually would! We’ve been looking through the interior design trends for the months ahead and gathered some of the concepts we believe could help you look forward to a snuggly autumn/winter 2020.

There’s no need to remortgage, we’ve found some ideas that you can pick elements of, to make your home cosy. We’ve always been a fan of a feature wall, so it’s time to get daring with your colour palettes. The long nights are drawing in and moody blues are bang on trend! Inky hues can be warmed up with burnt oranges, coppers and gold furnishings, add some warm lighting options and you’ll have a space you won’t want to leave!

Dark tones can be made rich and luxurious with carefully considered textures and fabrics such as velvets and (one of our personal favourites) over-sized chunky knitted throw! An exciting addition to the Scandi-chic faux fur blankets and rugs is animal print – so whether you dare to get some fiery tiger stripes or some toasty leopard print patterns to compliment your set up. Adding retro and vintage furnishings into your space can make your space that bit more chic.

We need to create an environment that we’re happy spending a lot of time in – whether its for work or play, because it will probably be both! It’s about layering textures and using a combination of different materials within a space. Raw materials such as stone and timber are the perfect neutrals for wools, rugs and faux-furs. Also keep an eye out because Bouclé is back – derived from the French word meaning curled, bouclé can refer to a yarn, made from a series of looped fiber. We like to call it teddy-bear fabric!

Whether you’re looking to redecorate or simply add a few cosy touches to your home, it’s all about creating a warm and comfortable space that you can enjoy spending time in.