We’re using the brewing thunderstorm as inspiration for this week’s blog! Why does grey never go out of style when it comes to interior design and how can you make a grey colour scheme pop?! Grey is the most versatile of neutral colours, whether it’s for a feature wall or as a backdrop for contrasting colours – from calm, pale hues to moody, slate greys, your options are endless!

Now, don’t get us wrong – we love a bright, bold and daring design scheme, but we’re here to remind you that this doesn’t always mean choosing the loudest colour for your space. As the perfect in between light and dark, a grey colour scheme can be executed in so many different ways. A dark grey wall has a dramatic effect whilst remaining neutral and can therefore be cooled down or warmed up depending on the furnishing and finishes chosen to compliment it. A light grey is a relaxed, sophisticated alternative to white or magnolia paint – a soothing backdrop that will illuminate any natural materials or splashes of colour.

In our project for MotoNovo, we featured a slate grey wall, with deep grey carpet, even grey seating – brought to life with timber cladding and hot orange and bold teal furnishings. We promise you, grey doesn’t have to be boring.

What really ticks boxes for us, is that grey can be worked into any type of architecture or building style – from a modern office space to a farmhouse kitchen. Grey is a staple in any Scandi inspired design scheme as it acts as a backdrop to wooden furniture, metallic fixtures, plants and textiles that take the centre stage. Decide on your goal, a cool cloudy grey can be an elegant option for a smart space whilst a warmer, earthy grey can make a room more cosy and homely.

Throughout our Thatchers project you can find grey as the neutral space between our apple-themed colour scheme, acting as the perfect complimentary colour whilst retaining character and nodding to the industrial exposed ceilings.

Wylde ia Thatchers HQ

As the clouds roll in and we prepare for a thunderstorm, we’re pondering all the possibilities offered within a grey colour scheme. From a pastel grey to a charcoal, from walls, to floors to furniture – this is the neutral colour that needs some appreciation!