It’s spooky season so we’re looking at the use of the colour black in interior design. We’re talking bold, daring and unconventional design! It’s the colour which results from the absence or complete absorption of visible light, a perfect neutral and a stylish one at that. Considerate and well-designed use creates a statement and dramatic effect that is timeless and sophisticated.

Black is indeed the new black – believe it or not the use of it can actually open up a space and make it feel larger and more spacious. The age-old rumour is that dark colours close in and make a room feel smaller, but this isn’t always the case. Having a black feature wall can create an elegant and sharp design statement.

There’s nothing quite as cool as matte black in design – so incorporating elements into your space can bring your room into the very latest design trend. There’s something about the soft, dull, absorption of light that creates a timeless and super-sleek aesthetic. Charcoal greys and absolute black make superb backdrops for pops of colour or patterns too.

The colour allows for focus to be pulled elsewhere – careful use of it can neutralise a space allowing for concentration or a feature point. The desensitisation of visual points can help you to hone in on other senses making a black room the perfect scheme for a work pod, a bathroom or a kitchen!

We love design that stands out and as the perfect neutral for complex patterns, geometric tiling or busy fabrics and bright pieces of art – if you want to make something sing, black is a great way to make a feature of something else.

Another way to introduce black as the main component of a design scheme is to incorporate texture – we love to see it used in wall panelling, tiles and even slats or shiplap timber cladding. Still not convinced that using the darkest colour in your interior design won’t turn your home into a house of horrors? – Check out our design inspo gallery!