This week in the Wylde blog we’re looking at how to cosy up your interior design as we head into the winter months. Somehow it’s November and whilst it’s still bizarrely mild outside, the clocks have changed and the days are rapidly getting shorter, colder and darker. It’s time to get layering different textiles, adding warmth and cosiness that won’t break the bank with energy bills.

First stop – the practical part, keep the heat in. The most important rule for successful winter interior design is insulation! Curtains are an absolute must at preventing any warmth from escaping through the windows and layering textiles can help stop drafts, adding a door sweep or old-school door snake but also it may be time to rearrange furniture to insure if you are using your radiators, that there’s nothing blocking the heat from filling up as much space as possible.

Now on to the fun part – decorating! It’s time to reconsider your colour palette and make it warmer. Warm colours are on the red side of the colour spectrum rather than blue so switch out your cold tones for something that kicks out a bit more heat. Browns, burgundy and rusty oranges are rich and cosy palettes that won’t be too loud or overstated or add pops of bolder colours or sophisticated warm metallics such as gold, copper and bronze accents.

It’s time to get snuggly – adding a mix of different textiles to a room is not only a way to dramatically improve insulation but also creates a cosy aesthetic. We love faux-fur rugs used as throws, woven rugs and big chunky knit blankets. We’d advise on keeping the colour palette similar or complimentary if the textures are wildly different.

Lastly – lighting! We’re living through times where we’re all having to keep an eye on our electricity usage so why not introduce a cosy glow into your space with candles and lanterns? A large pillar candle and lantern can create absolutely gorgeous golden light and it’s cost effective too – what we will say is please don’t pair too closely to your faux-fur throws or leave unattended! Another cosy option is to get some gorgeous battery or solar powered fairy lights.

Here are some design ideas for you to cosy up your space this winter.