It’s been a while since we posted about something local and today kicks off Bristol Light Festival for 2022. After a couple of years of virtual events, cancellations and postponements the city is set to be filled with colourful and dazzling lights. It’s been a somewhat grey and rainy start to the week so we’re looking forward to brightening up our day by taking a look at what’s in store!

Bristol is renowned for it’s creativity and colour – from colourful terraced houses, street art and world-recognised design, film and music production – there really is nothing this city can’t do! The Bristol Light Festival opens today 1st March and runs until 6th March showcasing a selection of never-seen-before light installations at carefully considered locations around the city.

“Bristol Light Festival will appear along some of the city centre’s well-trodden paths as well as in some unexpected locations. At each spot visitors will be able to see, experience and play with installations that are visiting the South West for the first time.”

Some of the locations that are to be illuminated include Park Street, the Harbourside, Castle Park, Queen Square, Redcliff and Cabot Circus. Artwork includes a giant rainbow slinky, luminous birds, a clever addition to the notorious Well Hung Lover Banksy mural, a lively office party, rather large eyes watching you as you walk up Park Street and an enormous disco ball to name a few!

Quite literally showing Bristol in a new light – these installations are reinvigorating, making visitors, residents, commuters, shoppers embrace and explore these areas of the city in a new way. As interior architecture specialists and designers – we love to see how spaces can be transformed using lighting and creativity! This year’s event is a playful celebration of the city and that’s right up our street! Find out more on the Bristol Light Festival website.