The last February F for this month’s blog series is Furniture! The icing on the cake of any design scheme – our Wyldeology is to find the unique, innovative and practical solutions to design beautiful spaces. An integral part of interior design is the careful consideration of layout and attention to detail: colour, branding, acoustic fittings and furniture. Sometimes the solution is a complete refit of a space, other times it’s rearranging existing elements more harmoniously.

Furniture should be practical, ergonomic and aesthetic. It also needs to be flexible and re-configurable, and as it usually absorbs a large part of any design budget it is important to work with a supplier you can trust will deliver good quality at an acceptable cost.

So how to choose furniture? It’s important to select items that are practical but this doesn’t mean that aesthetics are out of the window. Take time to consider the materials and colours of your furniture so it sets off or completes a scheme. We think furniture is the perfect opportunity for injection of colour so go bold and make your internal space bring your brand identity to life!

Whats in? Furniture trends have always differed depending on purpose and so what you can expect to see in your homes can be stark contrast to what you might expect to find at the office – however, with the past two years seeing the lines blurred between home-life and work the furniture trends for 2022 are a little different.

With all this time on our hands we’ve all been feeling a little more experimental. We’re trying new things – from banana bread to crocheting to cocktail making – but also in sprucing up our homes to allow us to enjoy being in and using them more. The furniture trends this year are largely reflective of that and see an emphasis on practicality and function meeting comfort and cosiness via soft, curved shapes with robust materials.

There is a general shift to sophistication at home – where we once wanted luxurious, we now see the need for a compromise with approachability and comfort. We’re talking curves – from rounded back chairs and sofas, to curved table tops and soft lines, arcs and fluted detailing. Textures will be very important this year – we’re expecting to see ribbed surfaces, brushed matte metals and any qualities that add an ounce of personality.

We’ve compiled a collection of images to get your furniture dreams off to a flying start – including some of our very own schemes. Enjoy!