This week in the Wylde blog we’re throwing a spotlight on the importance of culture change in the workplace and the openness to accept alterations to the way we work but also the way we interact with our employers, employees and clients. The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked an advance in online-connectivity at work but it’s also been the catalyst for positive changes in the workplace that we believe may have taken much longer to have been implemented otherwise.

We’re pleased with the increase of work-life harmony and how the focus on finding a real, consistent and sustainable balance between being at work and switching off seems to be valued a little more since WFH. Whilst we are not sweeping the negative impacts of the pandemic under the rug, we do think it’s important to embrace the good that has come through such dark and unprecedented times.

The demand for better leadership became apparent right at the outset as organisations had to navigate the new twists and turns that the last 18 months has thrown at us. Management practices have been fine tuned and reworked to ensure that employees feel supported, productive and engaged whilst working in a whole new way, away from the office.

As we begin to see offices reopen, it’s important to keep sight of the positive changes that have been made and not throw them away and return to what was. The best aspects of working from home need to be maintained – employees must retain their sense of freedom, the respect, ownership and responsibility continued in their workloads and efficiency but it’s crucial to address the areas that have been damaged or disrupted due to social disconnection, lack of spontaneous creativity and problem solving. Let’s be honest, it’s time to end Zoom Fatigue!

This is why we believe agile working with increased flexibility is the way forwards. It’s time to embrace the culture change in the workplace – that right now, is more malleable than it has ever been before. It’s important to assess the best points from working in the office, working at home and bring those points together to create a hybrid-working model that will enable a much more fit-for-purpose way of working in the future.

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