We’re thinking about natural light this week. It’s almost time to put the clocks forward – this weekend we see the beginning of British Summer Time as daylight saving time begins. Whilst that means we do technically lose an hour in bed on Sunday, it means longer hours of day light which has got us thinking about the importance of design and natural light.

There are so many benefits of maximising, celebrating and utilising daylight- particularly within a workplace environment. Ensuring your workspace has ample natural light not only boosts your vitamin D intake, improving your health and mental wellbeing but it can also help in other ways.

Making the most of the sun’s rays can conserve energy and lower your heating costs. As interior designers we look for ways to control the amount of sunlight permitted into a space as an efficient way to increase or decrease light in order to maintain a suitable environment for working. Increased natural light has been proven to boost motivation and concentration so this will actually help your workflow!

With regards to aesthetics – there is a reason natural light remains at the top of architectural and interior design trends and has withstood the test of time. Daylight brings out the very best of any space – it boosts colours and can even make a room feel bigger. Another benefit is the sunny rays warm the air within a space which boosts airflow – this means more fresh air in the space which will keep the damp away and keep users alert and energised.

Natural light is inviting and creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable. Not only can it highlight focal points and draws users through a space but it can also create the illusion of more space, making the room look bigger! What’s not to like?

Check out our gallery with some of our own natural-light filled projects!