This week we’re whisking you away to warmer climates with a virtual getaway in the Wylde blog! We know it’s going to be a little while until we can jump on a plane for a holiday – one where we can kick back and relax without the worries of quarantine or isolating, so we wanted to bring the sunshine to you!

We’ve collected some of our favourite architectural and design focussed snaps which will hopefully channel those tropical blue skies and blue waters your way. What is it that make these places paradise? We think a simplistic open design with space for you to store everything you need whilst making yourself at home is a great starting point. Next, it’s subtle interior design flourishes that remind you of where you are – whether it’s the plants, the materials used in the construction of the space or perhaps it’s traditional patterning on the tiles or fabrics. Finally, we think a good view is crucial – so you can’t escape the fact you’re somewhere far, far away from home – as long as the outside and inside blur nicely together, we’re happy!

Whether it’s a private villa, stylish city apartment or a luxury hotel – you want to experience your surroundings with ease! We’re talking infinite pools, comfy seating areas and epic views. Oh, we’re a big fan of the sun too, so anywhere we can sit back and soak up those rays, please…

We’ve collected just some of the places we’re imagining being whisked away to – sunsets in Indonesia, breakfast in Mexico and taking a dip in a Morrocan spa pool! Whilst each of the design schemes for these getaway destinations are very different to one another they all most the most of their surroundings, celebrating the views, the light and providing a moment to pause and take it all in.

We love the outdoor seating area in our first photo – the calico – coloured drapes complimenting the mud clay wall which brings out the oranges in the fabric selections for the cushions but also sets off the warm tones in the timber table. The whole area is welcoming, casual and rustic – perfect for people to gather, socialise and relax.

The private villa in the heart of the Mexican desert allows you to have breakfast whilst enjoying the views across the sands. The design scheme which is housed in a transformed shipping container is neutral, modern and simplistic but nods to its surroundings with dusty pinks and dried flowers.

We love design schemes that bring the outdoors inside – biophilia and house plants bring life to an interior scheme, especially when paired with carefully selected furnishings and artwork to set the tone. In contrast, we’ve found a bedroom which is entirely outside in Switzerland! The epic views across the mountains are unbeatable… we just hope it doesn’t get too cold at night!

Which is your favourite getaway design?