This week in the Wylde blog we’re looking at dreamy design schemes – one of the summer 2022 interior design trends looking at all things magical, mesmerising and soft! As we’re half way through May we’re taking it upon ourselves to embrace at least the concept of summer – even if the weather hasn’t totally matched up quite yet! The beautiful theme of dreamy interior design elements allows us to introduce quirky and abstract elements into our spaces whilst embracing home comforts and practicality.

The first step in creating a dream-like theme in any room is to focus on soft shapes and curves. From arched doorways and frames to bulbous furniture or ornaments – these pieces create a smooth and relaxed aesthetic. Large arching frames and circular rugs give a boho and retro feel that immediately slows the mood down into a slumberous and sleepy state.

Soft pastel shades and fuzzy fabrics will help add to the soothing aesthetic – although ensure you’re not over doing the throws and rugs as we head into the warmer months! Cool purples and powder blues can be the perfect hues to compliment blues skies and paddling pool weather. We also love warm pinks and sunny yellows to add a splash of tropical paradise into your space. Compliment these elements with plenty of biophilia in the form of houseplants, wood and natural materials.

The pinnacle element of a dreamy design scheme is of course, the lighting. Low level mood lighting will set the ambience within your space – create a warm and cosy feel with yellow and orange bulbs or choose to go bold with some coloured neons. We love the dream-like affect created with dual-coloured lighting. Select contrasting colours (opposites on the colour wheel) to create an out of this world focal point -although maybe save that one for special occasions!

We’ve dreamt up a gallery of dream-like interior concepts that will help guide your design schemes down a magical and sleepy road for this summer! Enjoy!