This week in the Wylde blog we’re focusing on connection and communication in the workplace. Following last week’s blog motivating you to banish imposter syndrome and believe in yourselves and your ability, this week we’re talking about the importance of connection and the role effective communication can have on benefitting mental health whilst improving relationships and productivity at work.

Throughout the recent challenging times we’ve faced, the workplace has changed. We have spent the past two years being reminded not to socialise and the majority of us worked from home for at least some of the pandemic, many still haven’t returned to the office completely. We believe the hybrid working model brings the very best aspects of working remotely and the very best aspects of working in the office by prioritising the need for connection and effective communication between colleagues, clients and teams.

Of course remote working allows for flexibility, travel, more time with family, less time commuting etc., but not being in the office can contribute to loneliness, lack of support and prevents organic conversations and impromptu idea-generating. Feeling isolated will jar productivity almost instantly, without proper communication and connection within your department, you may feel less confident in achieving what it is that needs to be done.

We physically and mentally benefit from face-to-face meet ups, so whilst it may not be possible or practical all the time – prioritise and make time for catch-ups and casual talk-throughs of projects. Collaboration is the key to problem solving and success. Regular and effective communication and genuine connection between teams leads to more innovation, efficient processes, increased learning and goal-reaching.

Communication is key in avoiding human-error, it’s also the most effective way to make decisions and strategise. After Covid-19 workers reported feeling over 52% less connected to their co-workers which in turn reduced the consistency of the quality of work, the over-all productivity and sever engagement between departments. It’s crucial to schedule in time to reconnect with your colleagues, communication is key to boosting mental health but will also create the short-cut to productivity, motivation and success at work!

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