Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is the largest design event in Northern Europe and presents work and concepts from more than 2,600 designers to more than 355,000 visitors from home and abroad. Usually the event takes place in around 110 locations across the city with exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, debates and festivities, however this year the event is going ahead completely online! (Which means we get to go!)

There are almost too many things to choose from – the design week started on Saturday and runs through this week until the 25th October. The focus is always on the future of the design world, looking at the most innovative and experimental designers  and creations. There’s always a particular emphasis on the young – up and coming talent giving the newest designers a platform.

With Dutch designers being the primary focus, we’re looking at what’s on offer at this year’s event. There seems to be a focus on optimism and designing a positive future not only for designers and creatives but for everyone to benefit from. They have three focal points for this year’s event and looking forward to their future events;

1. The future requires international thinking and acting

2. The future requires connection

3. The future requires responsibility

This week is not only showcasing designers but offering opportunities and discussion. Dutch design has become a recognisable and significant aesthetic to the rest of the world and as a result the content has an international appeal and relevance. As they put it “Dutch design is an attitude and does not by definition refer to a nationality”.

Here are some of the events highlights that stand out to us. There are several online talks throughout the week – some of which will be streamed live including the talk regarding the future of our cities – a topic we have blogged about several times ourselves – “What does the city of the future look like?”.

The next two subjects that caught our attention are definitely related – the theme of augmented relaties, truth, fake news and the borders of the digital and real world and the theme of privacy. ‘Keepin’ it Real’ includes photography, Design, Virtual Make-Up Artistry, Fashion Designers and more. The Privacy theme – ‘If you’ve got nothing to hide why close your curtains?’ – Digital concepts developed by design agencies as a response to how our privacy is being eroded online, with others acknowledging the disparity between the identity we have in the physical world and the online one.
We can’t wait! You can be a visitor at the Dutch Design Week 2020 here;