Add a hint of haunted to your interior design schemes this Halloween with some spooky design ideas! It’s crept up on us and the last weekend of October is fast approaching, so why not create a creepy space to enjoy this festivities in this year?!

We all know the basics but there are some really simple yet effective things you can do to create an eerie atmosphere. To start, the most important part of spookifying a space is all in the lighting. Ominous areas of darkness and shade are crucial to believing something could jump out at you, however the key to a really spooky evening is uplighting in order to create weird and wonderful shadows!

Throwing shadow shapes onto the wall isn’t the only option – coloured gels or filters on lights can create dramatic colour washes – alarming reds or icy blues are a great way to transform a space. Flickering or intermittent light is a guaranteed way to set the tone, so get lanterns and pumpkins at the ready.

We’re determined to steer away from tacky plastic waste and opt for a traditionally spooky theme with subtle touches. A classic haunted house can be recreated using antique aesthetics with ornate furnishings, vintage floral prints and dusty books! Gothic and Victorian pieces are the perfect way to have a classic yet eerie theme – especially if you add a few spider webs!

If like many of us, you don’t have a spare chandelier lying around – you can accessorise any room with homemade halloween objects such as jars, candles, pumpkins or oranges (for mini-pumpkin lookalikes!).

We’ve found some of our favourite images that we think could fall under the ‘spooky design’ category – and whilst we can’t say painting a corridor matt black is for everyone, we LOVE some of these options – and none of them include fake blood! (Wonderful!)

Have a wonderful one, whatever it is you have planned.