For our penultimate February Feature we’re looking at funky flooring and tantalising tiles. As with so many trends in interior design what was once deemed old is now new again. 2023 is the year of resurgence and we’re seeing new leases of life being brought into all area of design.  With the floor space taking up such a large percentage of any design schemes surface area, revamping under foot is one way of transforming an internal space completely.

The trend this year is going big and bold. We love colour – especially when it comes to internal spaces, so we’re pleased to see that bright, rich tones are back. Expect to see snazzy patterned tiles, daring palettes of herringbone and even large expanses of golds and copper. Checkerboard flooring is back – so whether you’re injecting a layer of vinyl flooring to rejuvenate your space or going all out with some wild tile styles, the best bet is to magnify your ideas and go large.

The flooring is one of the most eye-catching elements within the home – dictating the mood and the overall aesthetic property of the space. Flooring has to be functional, there are no two ways about it, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be daring. We’re excited to see extravagant patterns and twists on elegant traditional tiling become the design statement of the room.

Graphic prints and decorative patterns are the perfect way to set the theme for any space – choose a design that has colours you can draw from through the rest of the furnishings and fixtures. Funky flooring will immediately inject a sense of vibrancy and energy into the space – allowing you to minimise expense on the other elements in the room. Get your flooring right and the rest will follow!

We’ve compiled a gallery funky flooring inspiration so you can get thinking about how to transform your spaces…