For our February Features blog this week – it’s Valentines Day so we’re looking at love inspired interior design! Fear not, we’re looking at the subtle touches that can re-invigorate a space and put the emphasis on a cared for environment. Its not all about romance in the form of rose petals – interiors can embrace the concept of love in many different ways. From your obvious red and pink romantic hues, to soft and tactile furnishings. Sometimes the idea of love can be introduced into a more corporate or commercial environment in the form of signage or even simply introducing plants and flowers within an internal space.

One way to show that you care is by introducing plants and flowers into a space – forgetting the romantic gesture of giving flowers to those you love – having plants within a space shows there is time to nurture and take care of these plants. The beautiful pops of colour petals can bring to a scheme is a sweet touch so add some biophilia into your environment!

Nooks and intimate spaces are the perfect cosy hideaways – to hang out with your loved ones or simply make space for self care – meditating, reading a book and resting – all radical acts of love in a world as busy as ours! Showing care is all about consideration – carefully selected fabrics, colour palettes and attention to detail within interior design. Shaping a space to suit the activities you enjoy as well as the practicalities of every day life is a loving act!

Mood lighting – the perfect way to set the mood with any interior design scheme is with lighting. Lighting solutions can draw focus to specific areas with spotlights, whilst bright washes of light open up a space and lower light can create a slower paced more sleepy atmosphere. Consider what the space is designed to be used for – spaces for collaboration should be open and inviting whereas more private areas can be darker and designed in a more mellow fashion.

Pretty pinks are a great way to add a touch of playfulness into a scheme. A colour typically associated with love and romance, what better way to capture that mood than to decorate a space with it! Pink doesn’t have to be a loud colour – we love dusty, antique pinks and rich rusty tones for a more subdued and relaxed scheme. Peaches and soft pastel tones are a warming yet neutral addition to a modern or minimalist theme.

Finally for this romantic edition of our Wylde February features – Be a big softie! It’s all about tactile textures and fabrics. Cosiness and comfortability are absolute necessities when it comes to feeling cared for – we’re talking faux fur, fleece, woollen throws, velvets and lots of layers to create a space you can nestle into and never want to leave!

Happy Valentines Day from the Wylde team!