It’s International Women’s Day and we’re spotlighting business that is female founded! Tracey Wylde, our Director, founded Wylde in 1996, driven by a need to work flexibly around her growing family. But soon the growth in work and recommendations by clients meant that bringing on-board like-minded designers was essential. Today we are a tight-knit, award-winning team lead by Tracey Wylde and Co-Director Amy Stone, the team by chance also happen to currently be an all girl gang!

Women are on the rise in business – with a record number of female-led businesses launched last year which was a significant increase on the year prior and more than double the amount from 2018. What’s really exciting is businesses started by 16-25 year olds actually increased by 25% last year  and with Female Entrepreneurship having the potential to boost the U.K. economy by over £250 billion it’s about time attention is turned to the barriers faced for women in business.

Research suggests that female founded businesses have a much harder time finding access to funding – this paired with a consistency in the gender pay gap suggests that here lies the problem! As business is no longer seen as a huge step for women – ambition is growing and the need for flexibility and autonomy over our lives is non negotiable. Having children means priorities change, it certainly doesn’t mean careers are over – side hustles, the necessity to multi-task, time manage, empathise, strategise and so much more – make women very effective business leaders.

“Firms with strong female representation on their boards are 28% more likely to outperform their peers, while firms with gender-diverse executive teams are 25% more likely to outperform.”

With over 25 years in the industry we are experienced interior architecture specialists and workplace consultants – however the architecture and construction industry continues to experience high levels of gender bias and under-representation and diversity. Though women make up almost half of architecture students, they only account for 31% of architectural employees. To top that, partners and principals of AIA-owned firms that are women make up only 20% of the total.

Thanks to our partners, clients and suppliers for your continued support in everything we do – Let’s hear it for the girls! Find out more about our wonderful Wylde team here!