For this week’s Wylde insight we’re giving you first hand experience of flexible working through the eyes of one of the Wylde team! We practice what we preach and as huge advocates of hybrid work models and providing workplaces and work strategy that fits around life, ambition and other work commitments. Harriet has worked with Wylde for 9 years and for 8 of them has been self-employed. So what does going to work look like when working from no fixed office with a job description quite like nothing else?!

As a trained graphic designer with a love of writing and design – Harriet’s role within Wylde is to design documents such as case studies, presentations, email signatures and other marketing materials but also to share what we’re up to, our blog posts, web posts, social media – showcasing our projects, what inspires us, news and ways of working. Alongside her work for us, she’s known for being a mural artist – spray painting projects across the world. It’s fair to say hybrid working works for her.

It’s not all about being up a boom-lift with an aerosol can in hand – there’s a lot of admin, prep, design work and a fair bit of RAMS that go into public art projects and a surprising amount in common with the world of interior design. From colour palettes, brand identity, mood boards, sketches and CGI mock-ups even to health and safety/ on-site regs, we even borrow each others’ hardhats from time to time!

Wylde believe that allowing people to work in a way that flexes to their needs and demands, actually produces a higher level of work, productivity and loyalty to the organisation. Motivation and ambition go hand in hand, you need one to fuel the other, so it’s important to us that work-life is not only a catalyst to living your dream but an integrated part of it.

We’ve been working remotely from Barcelona for 2 years, from Arizona, Costa Rica, New York to name a few and it doesn’t look like we’re stopping any time soon! Here a couple of snaps of where our Wylde marketing and design work has been done from, or a “views from the office” album!