This week in the Wylde blog we’re looking at successful interior design strategies for hospitality.  If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us – it’s making the most of our freedom, and that includes eating out at restaurants, going to bars – even being able to work from a cafe! May 17th saw us finally being able to eat inside at our favourite spots – after a good month of sitting outside in blustery wind, chilly temperatures and torrential rain. It wasn’t the April/May we’d hoped for, was it?

Upon re-entering eateries and being able to admire the interiors surrounding us – we’re taking good notice of what makes successful restaurant interior design. The key factor is each beautifully designed restaurant and bar has developed a carefully considered balance of their brand identity infused with design elements to create a specific atmosphere.

Successful hospitality venues have already mastered that their clientele is not everybody. What’s on the menu is important but how you experience it is more important and that starts with what atmosphere you create. The crucial factor in a restaurant/bars success is being memorable for all the right reasons. The interior design and architecture of the place is crucial to draw us back there time and time again.

Outstandingly designed hospitality spaces have a ‘je ne sais quoi’ which has been meticulously designed and implemented. From minimalist premises to extravagant and elegant fine-dineries, there are several factors that make design work. With a high-turnover of guests it’s important that not only are the visitors drawn into the space with a welcoming reception/entrance area, but the way-finding of the space is of equal importance.

Once seated, the level of intimacy and privacy has been created around the users of the space – lighting and furnishings are selected not only to match the brand but also to support the desired atmosphere. A quick-stop sushi restaurant will be light, bright and clinically clean with smooth surfaces, sharp edges and bold lines whereas a luxurious fine-dining restaurant could offer a much more romantic feel with warm mood lighting, rich colours, soft furnishings and high quality finishes to create a slower paced and intimate experience.

We’ve selected some hospitality schemes that the Wylde team thoroughly approve of – click to view the gallery below.