This year’s Dezeen Awards entry deadline is rapidly approaching and the criteria is as follows – beautiful, innovative and beneficial. This has got us thinking about the qualities that define good design. It seems like an obvious one, but it takes a lot of study and experience to be able to create something that ticks all three boxes of beautiful aesthetics, innovative and forward thinking whilst also fulfilling a necessary purpose. As interior designers and workplace consultants we have over 20 years of experience delivering spaces that are stunning, practical and beneficial to it’s users.

There are many aspects that makes a project ‘beautiful’ and each element needs to be carefully considered and installed to ensure a seamless and effortless wow-factor. The concept of beautiful design is somewhat subjective but there are definite rules that can be followed to create spaces that look amazing. Colour palettes, material specifications and detailing or finishes are the basics, but it’s important to stand out from the crowd. At Wylde we love projects that are a little more daring and the clients who have the most trust in our process and give us freedom in our concepts, resulting in an end result that stands out against the rest.

At Wylde, the journey is as important as the end result. Our Wyldeology is a process of understanding which flexes to our clients’ needs and requirements. No two projects are the same, and that’s what we love. Finding the unique, innovative and practical solutions to design beautiful spaces that support your people / our clients to work, learn and live better.

Our careful consideration of layout and attention to detail: colour, branding, acoustic fittings and furniture, are just some of the ways we achieve results. Sometimes the solution is a complete refit of a space, other times it’s rearranging existing elements more harmoniously. We’re always looking for opportunities to make what clients already have, work better.

For a project to be considered innovative in an ever-advancing world it has to have originality or be a design solution that is fresh and adaptive! A successful project starts by gaining a good understanding of your needs, but Clients frequently have no definite understanding of what they want to achieve or what’s possible. We will help you clarify your priorities and ambitions with preliminary exploratory work including detailed briefing interviews, workshop sessions and stakeholder mapping. As well as informing our design process, this close engagement helps build trust and rapport with all interested parties. Once we have a closer understanding of your business we compile a detailed briefing document that outlines overall objectives and practical requirements, and we explore the options through sketches and mood images. This helps define the overall brief, from space usage to the look and feel, and gives the project a direction from the outset. Ongoing stakeholder engagement keeps the project on track through to completion.​

We approve highly of the final Dezeen judging category – being beneficial. This is open to interpretation but essentially boils down to the project having consideration in the production, installation and the sustainability of it, whilst also considering the usability.

Interior Design is not just about colours, curtains and cushions. It’s a complex puzzle of how best to fit people into spaces, functionally and ergonomically. The end result is not just glossy photos of stylish interiors, it requires intense collaboration and understanding between the designers and the Client team. Our role is to bring everything together,  shaping internal spaces to achieve successful open and closed environments, air flow, lighting, acoustics, furniture, decorations and branding. We aim to give our Clients the best possible use of their space, the best environment for their business, success on day one of occupation, and flexibility into the future.

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