We’ve been looking through the predicted interior design trends for 2021 and after a year of staying home more than we’ve ever had to before, it has definitely made its mark on this year’s trends. We’re seeing the need for comfort and cosiness at the forefront of these trends with a hint of nostalgia thrown in to remind us of what was before!

Much like the scandi concept of Hygge, we’re seeing lots of quilts,¬† blankets and bespoke cushions as absolute necessities this year. Whilst better days are on the horizon, we’re expecting to stay at home for quite a while longer, so it’s crucial that our homes are our safe spaces and our sanctuaries! Mood lighting is in- transforming our workspaces to our spaces to relax. Warm bulbs, fairy lights, lanterns and candles are the perfect accessories to a hygge-corner of a room – complimentary to any colour scheme and all year round.

Home-made house accessories are back in a big way – after all we’ve got more time to create! Quilted blankets, patchwork throws and macram√© are here to stay this year – and if you’re not feeling like getting into your arts and crafts this lockdown there are so many pre-made options online, search on Etsy to support independent creators.

We’re unsurprised that biophilia and botanicals are set to stay. With so much time spent in one place we’ve all be craving new scenery and the great outdoors. Biophilia allows us to bring the outside in, this means we can reap the rewards of nature, whilst being at home. Biophilic interior design doesn’t just mean filling a room with houseplants (although we’d highly recommend a few!) but also works with ‘indirect nature’ which could be artwork, materials such a raw timber or exposed stone. We love the idea of introducing more botanical elements into a design scheme – we particularly love botanical artwork, terrariums and plant-based fabric prints.

Cottage-chic is back! Maybe it’s the fact we’re craving a get away somewhere far away from everything – but rustic furnishings and vintage accessories are a trend that we’re expecting to see a lot of this year. Think pretty prints, delicate ornaments and dried flowers – throw these in with some biophilic elements and you’ll have a country-style environment you’ll never want to leave!

One to watch – the dark green feature walls. We’ve never been scared of using bold colours in our design schemes at Wylde, and it sure is refreshing to see some bold moves been made in place of a magnolia wall. Dark khaki, emerald and seaweeds are the new black! What’s particularly exciting about this predicted trend is that the colour isn’t reserved for just the bedroom or the living room – we’re seeing these powerful tones being rolled into kitchen units and bathroom tiles.

We’ve collected some of our favourite examples of these trends that we hope transform our environments over the coming months… or at least keep us preoccupied. Enjoy!