This week we’re looking at an article in the world’s most influential architecture, interiors and design magazine that is all about an architectural project in our very own city of Bristol. We’re looking at the residential project in the heart of St.Werburghs on the colourful and popular Mina Road.

A sustainable project that fits snuggly into its surrounding whilst being a state-of-the-art piece of architecture with stunning corten-steel cladding. Corten Steel is also known as weathered-steel, is a group of steel alloys which were developed to eliminate the need for painting appear rust-like after several years’ exposure to weather.

Nestled next to Mina Rd Park and a stone’s throw from Sonni’s – a small newsagents and grocery shop that appears fairly unexciting but let it be know they do some of the best freshly made breakfast sandwiches and wraps in the city! The house is at the end of a row of classically Bristolian, coloured terraced houses and unusually is arranged around a triangular internal courtyard. The site backs on to a large brick wall that runs the length of the park, including a unique Edwardian post box and heaps of colourful graffiti.

You can read more about this particular project here on Dezeen;

What really caught our eye about this article and project is the appreciation of accepting and incorporating the existing environment into the design. The project doesn’t pretend to be clean and overly crisp but instead celebrates the imperfectness of its surroundings. One of the comments made about this project article on Dezeen ended up being the title for the article; “Graffiti Is An Artform” and we couldn’t agree more. Bristol is world famous for its street art and graffiti and has been pioneering the artform for decades, so seeing the inevitable spray paint being welcomed into the design of the building is something we think is a brave move!

Whilst it’s not for everyone and definitely not for every project, we think this project shows graffiti as an accepted part of Bristol’s personality. And yes, with a graffiti artist on the Wylde team, we must admit, we are a little biased!

We’ve created a gallery that (we think) proves that graffiti doesn’t always ruin a view… Enjoy!