This week in the Wylde blog we’re bringing you some interior designer inspiration all themed around white! At Wylde we like to create spaces that are bright and bold – bringing in colour where ever suitable and are firmly against anything magnolia! That being said, theming a space around white can be a stylish, chic and impressive move. When executed well, white is a beautiful design statement.

With most of the country having seen snow fall in the last 48 hours, it really is beginning to feel like Christmas. We’re going to explore ways of using white to create a stylish winter wonderland without making your space feel stark or boring. The colour white is associated with purity and freshness. Using bright white in interior design creates an air of cleanliness, newness and positivity.

The key to creating a peaceful and eye-catching space by using white is to make sure you pick your shade carefully. We know what you’re thinking – “a shade of white?!” but you’d be surprised at how many variants of white there are – particularly in paint stores! The brighter the better – the most effective way to use white is to choose a dazzling and unmistakably white tone.

It is the perfect neutral – often used as a backdrop where pops of colour can be introduced and a keynote in minimalist design schemes. White walls makes a space look large and light whilst also a staple feature in modern rooms. Aside from being an easy go to for a Christmas scheme, white never goes out of style.

Our hot tip when you’re using white is to go all out with textiles, textures and fabrics. As white is super subtle and simple. Make the most of detailing in the form of natural materials, layered textiles with carefully considered lighting. Remember, the colour of the lighting (warm or cold) will make a huge impact on a white scheme. Lighting may be your only source of colour. Consideration of colder blue tone lighting is necessary, as your space may become more reminiscent of a fridge-freezer rather than a snowy snug!

We’ve compiled a gallery of design inspiration themed around stunning white schemes. Enjoy…