So, here we are in January 2021 – we’ve made it, but we’re not out of the woods just yet which is why Wylde are here to provide you with some inspiration and motivation to get you started. Our first point is more of a disclaimer, January doesn’t have to be the month you change your life for the better or start drastic diets and strict schedules, but if you do feel a sense of new beginnings at the start of the year then there are some constructive ways to use it.

New Year’s resolutions are a tradition – where we resolve to pursue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve life at the start of a new year. We think getting through the January blues is more than enough, especially in the midst of a pandemic! However, the new year makes us consider our values and dig deep for what we really want – a practice that we believe should be continued through out the months that follow January. Use this time to get inspired, motivate yourself and be productive in achieving your goals.

The first thing we think is important to do before you start your year – is to acknowledge all of your achievements from the past twelve months. Writing down everything you have accomplished in possibly the worst year any of us can remember, allows you to recognise what you are capable of.

As interior designers, workplace consultants and space-strategists we are no strangers to multitasking but we thoroughly recommend breaking down your goals into small, achievable tasks preventing you becoming overwhelmed or feeling like your falling behind on any projects. Plan! – Strategy is key to being productive, work out what it is you need to do and how you’re going to do it.

Stay inspired and feed your creativity – most of the world’s events/exhibitions/talks have become virtual which means they are accessible to you from your own home! Here are 5 Architecture & Design Events this month recommended by Dezeen;

Keep on top of your goals by writing and reviewing lists, bullet journaling is a great way to track and prioritise tasks but another way is to simply share your goals with a friend or colleague – making yourself accountable. Stay positive – optimism paired with motivation goes a long way with regards to productivity!

Let’s make it a good one.