At BGS we had, in the past, used a more traditional procurement route for building enhancement and development through the services of a variety of architects. Generally the pace was slow and the fee cost was high. We wanted to move to a faster, more flexible way of developing both the look and utilisation of the built environment at our disposal. Whilst at the same time finding a high quality design theme which would produce a vibrant counterpoint to the Victorian vernacular of the school buildings.

 Wylde IA became engaged in a rewarding, collaborative relationship which reflected a high level of commitment to understand educational buildings and yet provide the kind of quality found in commercial interiors. We produced a wide variety of new interiors which spanned; the sixth form centre, development of a completely new infant school, a new food technology suite, a complete refit of science laboratories, a re-furbished music school, new facilities for the art department, wholesale reorganisation of several buildings in terms of room use, and a re-theme for the sports pavilion at Failand. Additionally we worked up  plans for a number of new development initiatives including a performing arts centre, an enlarged library, and developments to the school sports centre.

All delivered in a cost effective and client focussed manner. I would highly recommend them.