As we await the announcement on Sunday which will set out plans to lift restrictions and establish a strategy to reopen selected areas of the economy, we’re thinking about what it will mean for the workplace. Social distancing measures are set to remain in place until a vaccine has been developed, whilst the government seeks to restore some level of ‘normality’. What does the workplace look like with these measures in place and how can you approach distancing in your own place of work? 

Wylde’s expertise in workplace consultancy and interior design means that adapting to new ways of working and applying strategies to maximise productivity and usability of the office, is part of what we do best. 

We’re thinking ahead. The workplace has changed and we need to adapt to ensure businesses can get back to work quickly and efficiently but safely. Shared office spaces pose a real risk and the layout needs to be carefully considered and reworked. This is where we come in, working with our partners such as Artworks Solutions to create prototypes and design solutions to transform the workplace into a safe space that works for you.  

With 25 years of experience in designing workplaces we’ve taken on the challenges that Covid-19 has presented to the traditional office setting and come up with solutions that we can tailor around the upcoming guidance due to be announced in the next week.  

The changes in ways of working during this pandemic are not just physical, there will be behavioural changes that need to be considered when re-working the office layout. We have been exploring solutions that take into account the emotional wellbeing of employees, during an exceptional and anxiety-producing circumstances. There will be no intimidating red-tape and barriers in these workplaces! 

Solutions have to be practical, we don’t know how long this will go on for. We’re re-inventing the everyday office to create an atmosphere that will promote motivation rather than enhance the daunting reality of the importance of staying 2m away from our colleagues. 

As we begin to understand the restrictions and plans going forward we will be advising and working with clients to create solutions reflective of our own culture. Complying with all the forthcoming restrictions we’ll look at how your space can be used safely, in a practical, intuitive and realistic way. We will be providing consultations and evaluations of your existing floor plans and working with our partners to create layouts and design solutions that will kick start your business’ return to work.  

Watch this space for further updates as we use our creativity to develop solution. If you have any questions or need advice, on adapting your workspace please feel free to get in touch.