It’s September and as we look towards the seasons changing from summer to autumn (hopefully at the end of the month) we’re thinking about a switch up for our home interior design. We’re talking indoor swing seating and seventies revival! Every year sees a comeback of a contemporary classic interior design trend and with the warm tones and comforting curves the seventies style brings, it’s perfect for autumn!

We love a little retro revival – combined with your favourite design staples a little groovy pattern and colour can go a long way. We’re talking rattan furniture, bold colours and soft materials to make your home warm, welcoming and sociable. Since lockdowns have become a part of our lives the demand for textured upholstery such as bouclĂ©, corduroy, and quilting has increased dramatically. These tactile materials are playful and comforting whilst still being able to convey a strong sense of style.

A somewhat surprising trend that has …ahem… swung into the design headlines in recent months is indoor swing seating! Indoor hanging chairs are the perfect statement piece for any living room. From super retro egg shaped seating to bohemian macrame woven chairs, there is something for every design scheme.

When it comes to colour scheme the idea is to keep the space warm and cosy – think burnt oranges, browns and mustard yellows for classic 70s groove but warmth can still be created with rich emerald greens, dusty pinks and copper or gold embellishments!

Whilst patterned wallpaper and glam disco might not be the right fit for all of our homes there are elements of seventies chic that will add a little September heat to your home. We’re talking shag rugs – throw over an old chair or over the arm of the sofa, soften the mood with luxurious velvet curtains or scalloped edges. Add some arches – 70s are all about curves and rounded edges so go big with circular mirrors, oversized lampshades and curvy vases and plants pots.

We’ve collected some examples of swing seating and seventies vibes that are bound to brighten up your September!