This week in the Wylde blog we’re turning up the heat with some tempting terrace and balcony designs that will throw you straight into summer! We’ve had a couple of gloriously sunny days, so we’re ready to indulge in some hot weather design – from beautifully tiled hide-aways to modern and sleek poolside spaces – this week we’re diving into design & architecture for high temperatures and outdoor living!

The key to any successful terrace or balcony space is to create a place to live outdoors and make the absolute most of good, sunny weather. The outdoor area should be a physical but also a visual extension of the interior that merges the in- and outdoors particularly with regards to aesthetics.

Like any interior design scheme – the elements to consider are the colour palette, the materials, finishes, furniture and the lighting. As with an internal space, the design has to make sense and be a visual continuum of the existing schemes.  We love to see raw natural materials being used – timber and native plants are the perfect way to make the space nestle into the existing outdoors and surrounding wildlife. Plants are a must – for most, these spaces are the alternatives to a garden, so fill ’em up!

Assessing the function of these outdoor areas is important too – the number of users of the space will dictate the need for wayfinding or logical routes around or too furniture or specific areas. We love to see sun worshipping spaces, designed to maximise natural light but also, where the sun can be unbearable – a safe shady haven too.

Colour palettes are often kept minimal for outdoor areas, leaving the flowers, pool water and sunlight to be the main focus, however some decide to go bold and make colour the leading design principle with murals, tiles and bold furniture choices. We’ve gathered some of our favourite snaps of outdoor terrace designs – some old, some new and some thoroughly tropical… Yes please, the Wylde team are on our way!