This week in the Wylde blog we’re talking about the aluminium allure. As we know interior design trends don’t come and go in the changes of the months, however as we turn to a new year we’re looking at some of the predicted designs that are creeping into all the top designers’ schemes. As with most trends there is always an element of revival – seeing styles from the past reinvented and repurposed for the modern world.

In recent years we’ve seen a focus on coppers, bronze and brass but it seem heads are turning for polished aluminium, stainless steel and nickel. The clean slick of silver is a welcome addition of sophistication to any furnishing or fixture.

Polished aluminium and brushed steel are simple yet stylish adding a perfect shine to any surface. From benches to lighting options these metallic options create a perfect surface for light to reflect off.  We love aluminium due to its recyclable properties – we’re finding designers upgrading drinks cans and transforming them into sleek minimal forms.

Silver accents are understated yet powerful statements within muted design schemes but also have their place within louder schemes. We’re expected to see an influx of rich colour palettes this year so these metallic parts create a refreshing pause.

The silver lining, really is the silver lining – we’re talking frames, table legs, chairs and light fixtures – the shine will work wonders with any interior scheme – from rustic to modern to retro or even vintage schemes – the key is to carefully consider how shiny and opulent you want to go and keep this the same throughout.

Chrome has always been a favourite for kitchens and bathrooms – particularly when paired with whites and neutral shades. We’re loving the pairing of sages and duck egg blue to add a softness to the sharp zings of silver. If you’re aiming for a super-sleek modern look then go bold with a bright white, the high-shine sparkle will maximise the airy, light space.

Keep your eyes peeled this year for the expected surge in silver – for now, here’s our design inspiration gallery to get you started!