For our friends, clients and partners – it will come as no surprise that this week’s blog is all about the coffee ritual. As the sun comes up and lights switch on, many of us set about our first task of the day; coffee. Cups of coffee have been enjoyed all over the world for thousands of years, but there is something much deeper than it’s caffeine content that brings so many of us together.

It’s suggested that coffee drinking dates back to the 15th Century – Ethiopia; still known today for some of the best coffee on the planet. We’re exploring how coffee isn’t just about flavour – but the pause for reflection, connection and pleasure. The Swedish term the moment for a coffee break as “fika” both a noun and a verb – encapsulating the moment to enjoy a coffee and the benefits it brings.

As workplace consultants and experts in designing and creating workplaces that work for employees – we can tell you that a coffee point is an integral part of a workplace scheme. Coffee is good for business. Yes, the caffeine can help focus and concentration, even reduce pains related to screen-time but for those of us kicking the caffeine habit for new year, the benefits continue for decaf too!

Coffee facilitates collaboration and teamwork. The act of a coffee break includes socialising, talking and often in the workplace this means impromptu and creative meetings take place. The informal sharing of ideas and opinions is where productivity is sparked. Workplaces that provide good quality coffee for their employees are said to have improved morale and a team that feels appreciated and looked after. This extends to the whole hot beverage realm but evidence suggests encouraging your team to pause and recharge between tasks, actually improves performance.

Motivation matters – we don’t tell you to have a coffee and a natter with your team mates for nothing! This morning ritual of sticking the kettle on and getting together for a catch up about what the day might have in store, allows for strategising and project planning. If the coffee ritual improves memory, concentration, morale and productivity, what are you waiting for?!