As we navigate the twists and turns of the Covid-19 pandemic we’re throwing a spotlight onto Hybrid Working and The Future of the Workplace. Yesterday we launched our animation discussing this and starting the conversation around what kind of workplace you want to be.

We work with our partners to recalibrate culture, focus vision, design great workspaces, procure appropriate furniture, build to the highest standard and embed behaviours to #liveworkbetter

What is the future of the workplace? As the pandemic took hold early last year we saw the death of the office as we knew it as many organisations started to work from home. At first, most employees were excited by the prospect of increasing their work-life balance and getting to maximise time with their families and get those never-done home improvement projects underway. We spent no time commuting and finally remote-working was an option for nearly everyone.

However, over a year later the dream of working from home has fast faded and we’re all feeling the strain of being socially disconnected, absolutely exhausted of being on Zoom/Teams/Skype meetings and we’re missing those instantaneous idea-generating chats that happen so frequently when surrounded by your colleagues in the workplace.

So what is the answer? We can’t foresee a complete reverse back to working 9-5 in the office being the answer for all organisations, but neither can we imagine that everyone will want to continue working from home full-time or a third space so the answer seems to be hybrid working.

Hybrid working is the balance between the traditional office environment and working from home or a third space. The benefits of both the office and remote working have been magnified over the last year and utilising these strengths can conjure a better working environment for everyone. Employees need to feel respected and trusted, but they also need to be motivated and inspired – clocking in and clocking out has never been the key to productivity or innovation, it’s about flexibility and encouragement.

Wylde have been working alongside our amazing partners to fine-tune strategies that will strengthen and improve your workplace and ways of working. Get in touch!

Check out the short video here;