This week in the Wylde blog we’re looking at how to avoid burnout amidst the hectic winter season at work. ‘Tis the season to be jolly but let’s face it, your workload sadly doesn’t know the difference between tinsel and deadlines. As workplace consultants, but also as very experienced busy workers too, we’re running through some tips that will make sure you’re at your most productive but avoiding those burnout blues this side of Christmas.

First things first, you need a plan of attack. In the same way you start the week, lets start the festive season with an outline of what needs to be done and what can wait. The holiday hustle is real, but don’t let it wreck you! Spend some time now, working out what needs doing now and what can wait till the New Year. Remember to communicate with your colleagues – find out when others are available and who’s bagged a month off in the Bahamas just as you need a file from them! Channel your inner Santa and make a list – and check it twice! (Sorry, had to!)

Boundaries are so important at this time of year – let’s face it, you’re not going to be stuck for things to do. It’s important you set boundaries in work, make them known and stick to them. Work emails at midnight – absolutely not, your free time is sacred – especially at this time of year. So if you expect the workload to expand – make time for that, but don’t let it snowball.

Remember what makes you work more effectively. The productivity rules do not go out of the window this time of year – although it’s easy to feel like they do. Remember to start each day with a plan, with a quick meeting or check-in with colleagues to affirm the same goals and tasks for the allocated time. But still remember to take breaks, get outside and most importantly, have some time to yourself.

It’s easy to feel like at this time of year there’s no time to think let alone rest but that’s a recipe for disaster. Pace yourself – plan in exercise or time to rest and recoup in front of the TV one night. Have an escape plan and take a breather – whether it’s a stroll through the frosty park or a quick power nap. A little getaway can do wonders for your sanity.

Go easy on the sugary treats – obviously you can enjoy the odd chocolate or mince pie, but try to avoid the sugar rush rollercoaster – what goes up must come down and often all those festive office sweet snacks can leave you crashing and not being productive or motivated at all. Scheduling in your focus-time by turning off digital notifications for an hour whilst you get into it, leaving you time to be jolly with your colleagues without a piling workload!

In a nutshell, prioritise planning and you can insure you have time for enjoying the festivities, pushing through the winter workload and avoid the winter work burnout that lands you with the flu on Christmas Day! Here’s to a season of getting stuff done without losing our festive cheer. You got this! 🎄