In the Wylde blog this week we’re entering a white winter interior design wonderland! There’s a desire to create interiors that not only insulate us from the cold but also evoke a sense of warmth and comfort and the colour white might not be your first port of call – however white interior design, when infused with rich textures and sumptuous textiles, becomes a winter wonderland of tactile indulgence.

Wintery white interiors come alive when a variety of textures are introduced. Think soft, plush fabrics like velvet, faux fur, and chunky knit blankets that make you want to snuggle up into! These textures not only add depth to the design and neutral palette but also create a sensory experience, making your living space an inviting retreat from the cold.

One of the most iconic elements of wintery white interior design is the use of fur throws and rugs. These luxurious additions not only provide physical warmth but also elevate the visual appeal of a room. Whether it’s a faux sheepskin rug underfoot or a sumptuous fur throw draped over a sofa, the addition of fur brings an element of opulence to your winter hideaway!

In the bedroom, transform your space into a cosy cocoon of comfort with layered bedding. Crisp white linens, topped with a plush duvet, and accentuated by textured throw pillows, create a haven that invites you to unwind. The use of different fabrics, from cotton to linen to velvety accents, adds dimension and sophistication to your sleepy sanctuary.

As winter sets in with all its doom and gloom, bring the warmth of knitted and woollen textures inside. Consider incorporating chunky knit cushions, cable-knit throws, or even a cozy wool rug. These additions not only contribute to the overall aesthetic but also serve as functional elements that keep you snug and warm during the colder months.

Wintery white interior design, when added to with sumptuous textures and textiles, becomes a stylish journey through elegance and comfort. From the soft appeal of fur to the richness of wools and velvets, each layer contributes to the overall tapestry of warmth and style. Not only will this neutral exude elegance over the festive season, but its also the perfect neutral for a base across all the seasons. Check out our white wonderland gallery here!