Following our article from last week – we’re continuing to look into the innovation through adversity as we move through these unprecedented times during the pandemic. As news breaks on how the government proposes to reduce the social distancing measures, we’re thinking about what that could look like at the workplace. 

The current 2m social distancing is to be relaxed to 1m in accordance to the World Health Organisation’s latest update. As the review is set to be published, the reduction in required spacing really does make a huge difference with regards to returning to work. 

The numbers of employees in the workplace could increase dramatically and freedom of movement throughout the building suddenly regains some sense of normality – however, it’s crucial we do everything we can do, to reduce the risk of transmission. We believe signage and artwork will play a vital role in reminding employees of their responsibility to mitigate transmission.  Artwork can be carefully positioned through the office to encourage the workforce to remain vigilant and aware of their distancing at all times 

The slightly daunting aspect of reducing social distancing from 1m to 2m is the seemingly ‘normalness’ of the proximity to one another which could easily move to no distancing at all, without reminders. Introducing sanitiser stations, wearing face coverings and working remotely where possible will lessen the likelihood of spreading Covid-19. 

Your people need to feel safe and it’s the employers duty to create a new culture in the workplace that simultaneously promotes safety and productivity. Wylde are taking the updates and shifts in measures in our stride and implementing strategies and design schemes with our partners that will create the best possible solution for you and your business.