This week we are looking at using external spaces to help ease the pressures of social distancing in the workplace. As we get used to the “new normal” and as a plethora of businesses start to reopen, we are all re-learning how to navigate the spaces that we use. We are looking at the innovation such as, the transformation of outdoor areas into spaces that can provide respite or additional breakout and socialising places as such, businesses are having to innovate and finding solutions that will not break the bank and are temporary structures 

In these unprecedented COVID 19 times we are learning the value of outdoor spaces have historically often been unnoticed, whether it’s utilising part of a car parking or green area, there are options available that involve transforming the external realm. 

 Some of the exciting examples we have seen are temporary structures that can be built around shipping containers. These adaptable spaces offer convenient covered outdoor areas that can provide extra seating for restaurants / bars, alternative meeting space or simply space for your teams to relax and they can be closed-up overnight for security. 

In the coming months weatherproofing will be a necessity, we are used to rainy British summers and as winter approaches, there is a daunting prospect of people being indoors throughout the colder months. It might mean the difference between providing a breakout area or not. 

We are working with clients to adapt their spaces and provide options that are suitable and flexible whilst being professional without significant investment.  Here is an illustration of how one of our clients is adapting their parking spaces using rented containers and a stretch canopy.