This week we’re looking at the benefits of having greenery indoors. We know there has been an increasing trend in bringing plants inside as part of interior design schemes, but did you know there’s science behind it? NASA has undertaken comprehensive research into the impact houseplants have on the environment around them. Studies have shown that a few plants dotted around the home or workplace actually improve concentration and in turn, productivity but also lift your mood and reduce stress levels.

We’ve completed many projects where we have purposefully designed plant-life into the scheme, especially for offices where we create environments that maximise productivity. Along with the assistance to well-being in the workplace, plants actually help regulate humidity and so improve the conditions and eliminate the traditional stuffy, airless office space.

Naturally, (excuse the pun) having greenery and wildlife around makes us feel calm and relaxed. We often use plants, green colour schemes and artwork depicting the great outdoors in break-out areas and spaces where the user can re-energise and unwind. A perfect example of this is a recent scheme completed for our Three project in Reading. We designed and installed The Meadow Cafe – a concept entirely based on nature and greenery, creating a relaxed and sociable environment for informal meetings, coffee breaks, lunchtimes and the occasional table-tennis match.

There is no excuse for a plant-less office! The colour green is proven to boost creativity and enthusiasm, whilst plants eliminate toxins from the air. Here at Wylde IA we believe that a happy workplace is a successful workplace which is why effort should always be made to ensure employees are content!