Yesterday was International Women’s Day and to celebrate we’re taking a moment to appreciate the Wylde women! We’re an all female team and whilst that makes everyday a celebration of women and everything that we do – this week we wanted to introduce you to us and what we’re all about!

Tracey Wylde, our Director, founded Wylde in 1996, driven by a need to work flexibly around her growing family. But soon the growth in work and recommendations by clients meant that bringing on-board like-minded designers was essential. Today we are a tight-knit, award-winning team lead by Tracey Wylde and Co-Director Amy Stone, the team are incredibly hard-working and professional but also like to have fun.

Tra somehow finds time amongst running Wylde to knit and crochet, she also makes time to get out and about walking the two original Wylde office dogs Nina & Eric. She is an expert in space strategy, interior design and workplace consultancy, leading multiple projects whilst managing Wylde to ensure the team are being the very best they can be!

Amy was appointed Director in 2019 which was also her 10th year with Wylde. A qualified architect after many, many years of study – Amy has a plethora of impressive projects under her belt, several award winning ones too! Another exceptionally busy member of the team who also manages to fill her sparetme being creative and enjoy all things craft related.

Fiona joined the Wylde team last year and supported Wylde as we navigated the changes in the industry as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold. We began advising and guiding businesses through the new ways of working and safe procedures to return to the office safely. Fiona operates large multi-site residential accommodation portfolios, specialises in creating practical and effective design solutions.

Hanna joined the Wylde team in 2017 and when she’s not being a superb Interior Designer with us she’s knitting, crocheting and learning new creative skills including linoprint, 3D animation software and playing with the newest fluffy member of the Wylde gang – Cielle the rough collie! Hanna works on multiple Wylde projects and also assists with some of the graphic design elements on proposals and project documents.

Our other Junior Designer is Nerys – an all round creative powerhouse! We were first introduced to her work at the UWE end of year show where she scooped a major prize at the New Designer awards with the GES Exhibit and Events Associate prize. Nerys is an artist-designer-maker in her own right and spends her time outside of Wylde making stunning lamps inspired by architecture and material exploration. Check our some of her gorgeous work in the gallery below and at

Last but not least – we have our inhouse graphic designer, content creator and studio assistant Harriet. She began work with Wylde in 2014 as a freelance member of the team so she can work remotely and flexibly whilst travelling to work on her large scale, international mural projects. Whilst being accredited as one of the world’s best women in Street art – she’s our in house graffiti artist and we’re always getting her to decorate parts of our office and have even brought her in to work on some murals in our projects!