The key to understanding company culture is to get underneath the core values of the brand and get to know what they stand for. A company’s culture is important because it sets out and defines the behaviours within the workplace – we’re talking about how to get the #OfficeMojo to the top! Your company culture is not a couple of sentences, but an entire approach, attitude and practice to your ways of working.

We’re talking about growth. At Wylde we team up regularly with Change Management experts MONTROC Consulting to help companies understand their own values and develop their own culture that helps make employees, teams and business thrive. Defining your organisation’s idea of success is a crucial step in building an environment that caters to productivity and motivation.

A healthy company culture is positive and sustainable – there are no short cuts but a focus on strategic pathways to encourage success, motivation and togetherness within the organisation. Traditionally, the workplace ethos could be created through clever design and consideration of the physical office. However, as workplace consultants and experienced interior designers, we know that transformations go much deeper than the aesthetics and branding.

Whether it’s flexibility, independence, collaboration or creativity the company culture helps to facilitate best practices. It’s important to remember that if the company culture doesn’t reflect an employees’ personal values, they are much more likely to leave. A healthy company culture should be embraced in equal measure by the Directors to the interns.

With a proven direct link between a company’s culture and performance – getting your values and ethos defined can hugely improve engagement and intention. Every business has a goal but a core culture is something that goes deeper into the heart of your work and fundamental attitude as a company. Take the time to delve into what motivates your people, how they feel appreciated and supported.

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