Continuing our February F blog series, this week we’re looking the fabrics that are big in the interior design world this year. Fabrics and textiles are a vital part of any interior design scheme helping the create the desired mood and atmosphere of a space. Like most design trends, popular fabrics seem to come round and disappear in cyclical waves. We’re taking a look at some of the favourite fabrics this Feb!

One theme that doesn’t seem to be dwindling is the use of raw natural materials. Natural surfaces are here to stay with stoneware such as marble, travertine and terracotta leading the way. There is something about materials derived from nature with their imperfections, porousness and organic shapes that is unrivalled.

When it comes to soft fabrics similar rules apply – tactile textiles are in, but unlike 2020-2021 it’s not just white and cream bouclĂ©e this year. Fabrics to integrate into your own design schemes at home this year should be bold and contrasting. Tougher organic materials such as jute and rush are in – adding that biophilic quality whilst also being neutral in colour. Sustainable materials are making a comeback and we can expect to see more plant leaf fibres such as abaca and hemp within interior design schemes.

This year earthy browns and terracottas are in – expect to see soft leathers and fabrics that crease and create texture. Signs of weathering and wearing are no longer going to be frowned upon but embraced as a sign of good use! We’ve been spending more and more time at home over the last couple of years and have spaces that are designed for life and living.

Soft fabrics are here to help make spaces homely and comfortable. Introduce luxurious fabrics into your space such as velvets, mohair and linens. If you’re stuck for ideas of how to layer, match and combine fabrics in your own spaces – check out our gallery here!