This week in the Wylde blog we’re looking at different flooring options and the dramatic impact different options can have on a design scheme. We’re constantly looking through flooring samples and meticulously selecting flooring finishes that look fabulous whilst being practical and hard working within a space. If you think about it, the floors are one of the largest surfaces of any design scheme and it’s important flooring is not an after thought!

Flooring has to prioritise functionality – but this doesn’t mean aesthetics come last. As with many interior design trends this year, we are seeing a focus on comfort. Raw and organic materials are set to stay with hardwood flooring remaining a firm favourite for homes. The minimalist Japanese-Scandi fusion is still trending which will see light and contemporary woods introduced into many schemes.

For workplaces, the story is a little different – the sheer number of users in a space means durability is one of the key demands of any flooring. We love to create flooring that not only makes a colour scheme pop but also assists with way finding. For example, we often integrate different carpet tiling into the same space to define specific areas and create intuitive walkways or sectioning in a large open plan space. The flooring becomes an effective tool for separating spaces without the need for building physical walls.

With the huge trend in raw surfaces, we expect to see a resurgence in industrial-chic design schemes – we’re talking exposed cements and concrete paired with luxurious fabrics and elegant furniture. More traditional techniques such as porcelain and ceramic tiles are set to get a modern twist with geometric patterns and shapes taking centre stage this year.

The floor is quite literally the foundation and base of any design scheme be it at work or at home. We believe the flooring helps it dictate layout and informs attention to detail on the overall scheme such as colour, branding, acoustic fittings and furniture. Flooring helps to arrange elements of the space in a harmonious and directed manner.

We’ve collected some images we think showcase the impact and effectiveness of carefully considered and well designed flooring. Enjoy!