It’s a new month and we’re beginning our month of February: Fs for our blog theme – starting today with Florals. We touched on the trend of Grandmillenial aesthetic and Cottagecore which is predicted to stick around this year our interior decor and design schemes. As this February is beginning with suspiciously spring-like weather, we’ve decided to start this months blog series with some beautiful blooms!

Grandmillenial – otherwise known as ‘Granny-Chic’ is a trend coined and embraced by mainly those in their late 20’s to 30’s looking for a quirky and individual interior design theme that captures a vintage style with a modern and slightly garish twist. It’s in the same vein as the rusty and dusty hipster aesthetic – a mainstream appreciation for things slightly stuffy and outdated!

Whilst it certainly isn’t for everyone – one thing we can totally get behind in this trend is the use of bright colours and a true injection of personality and individuality in every scheme. In a totally anti-minimalist movement, this trend talks layered fabrics, cluttered shelves and mix-matching patterns.

As with so many cyclical design trends, we’ve found this style leaning towards a floral and botanical theme. From plant prints to flowery wallpapers and upholstery – beautiful blooms and luscious leaves are here to stay!

So, if you don’t imagine your home turning “full-on Grandma” then there are still ways of integrating florals into your design scheme. We love that dried flowers are making a big come back – so low maintenance, yet adding a dash of nature into a space, without disrupting a colour scheme! Other options are to bring bouquets into the room, match them with your colour schemes and go bold. Flowers are such an uplifting focal point of a space, and if we’re spending more time at home than ever before, they’re the biophilia we need!

Check out these floral interior ideas to let your imagination ‘spring’ (sorry!) into action…