For the last Wylde blog in January we thought we’d discuss the four day work week. Currently trending across social media after an announcement was made that the UK is set to pilot a shorter working week with no reduction in pay, for 6 months across 30 British companies.

Expected to run from June to December the organisation ‘4 Day Week Global’ are setting out schemes that will trial the shorter work week with a view to highlight the social and environmental benefits. Other countries are due to test the four day week at the same time, including the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

So why is this happening? The scheme is all about encouraging companies and organisations to adopt a new way of working. After the past two years of the ‘normal’ work experience being thrown out of the window, the ability for dramatic changes to the work environment are being fast-tracked. We think its a good thing!

We believe the workplace has been heading in this direction for a long time – the pandemic has simply accelerated the changes. The office has changed and the past decade saw our clients demand flexible workspaces without fixed desks and areas that can hot-desk with intelligent digital solutions for virtual meetings and the like. This was in a world prior to being forced to work from home as a necessary action to prevent the spread of a virus!

We believe there is no better time than now for your business to change for the better. We are experts in beautiful, practical and sustainable spaces that support people to work, learn and live better. Wylde are here to help you recalibrate culture, focus your vision, design a great workspace with appropriate furniture whilst building to the highest standard and embedding behaviours to live and work better.

Internally, there are some huge benefits to shortening the working week – including attracting and retaining a talented and skilled workforce. The impact a longer weekend has on your employees makes for a more energised team – higher engagement and motivation actually leading to a more dedicated and productive output.

“The 4 day work week is a reduction in the work week from a standard 40 hours to 32 hours for the same pay and benefits. This reduction has been proven to work for employees and employers. COVID-19 made it clear we can find a better balance between work and life.”

It’s not even about working less – it’s about working more effectively. How often do you find yourself meandering around your mailbox or staring into space? There are more effective ways to use the time we have in the workplace, and  reducing them is one of them. Having a shorter amount of time to get tasks done promotes focus and commitment to reaching goals and targets.

Feeling appreciated for what you do at work and valued as a member of the workforce is such a necessary part of a successful business. Part of being valued as an employee is being given time and flexibility to maintain a good work-life balance. The four day work week could indeed be an answer!