One thing we love about January is the desire to look ahead – this week in the Wylde blog we’re looking at some of the predicted Interior Design Trends for 2022. It seems there has been a shift and an acceptance of the new ways of working, with a few of the trends centred around the home and making the most of every corner of your house. The general consensus is that the design trends this year will focus on functionality, accessibility, and comfortability – whilst also looking good, of course!

The make-shift office is here to stay! We’ve embraced it, after two years of adjusting and adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic we can admit that the world we once knew, has changed. Working from home is the new normal for many of us, with the vast majority not returning to full-time work in the workplace. The work of work has been heading in this direction for a long time, and actually the pandemic has simply fast-tracked the inevitable uptake of flexible and hybrid working styles that work better for most of us.

One of the design trends for this year sees a focus on flexible office space in the home – making space for work and creating a place you enjoy working from, that allows you to focus but also hasn’t meant rearranging the kitchen entirely. Spare bedrooms have become permanent offices and kitchen tables decluttered and organised. We’re here for it!

To balance – with so many of us working from home, it’s important we create spaces to rest and break-out from the ‘work environment’ in the house. It’s predicted there will be a continuation of the nook and meditation corners that have been trending in recent months. We’re talking curved shapes, comfy chairs, lots of cushions and soft furnishings to create a little haven that you can curl up in. Tactile textiles and textures are back in a big way – we’re talking velvet, jute, rush and abaca to start!

Grandmillenial is still here. Last year was the year that ‘granny-chic’ took hold as this throwback aesthetic entered our worlds in the form of floral wallpapers, patterned upholstery, inherited chinaware and a lot of quirkiness! Think of it as cottage-core’s brighter, louder and more modern sister!

Finally, we’re absolutely thrilled that shades of green are in! This is no doubt related to our innate desire to be connected to nature. Biophilia is here to stay, house plants are in, so what other way can we bring the outdoors in? Thats right- go green! It’s not just rich emeralds and luxurious aquatic greens this year, shades of sage and olive are in too, allowing for relaxing and natural tones.

Check out our inspiration galleries for some of the styles that are in for this year!