We’re here – it’s January 2022 and it’s the time of year we set out our new year’s hopes, goals and resolutions. There is no better time than now to make a fresh start and de-clutter, begin the year with a clear mind and an even clearer space!

Start small – pick a room or a corner and work go from there. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with attempting to tackle the whole house and actually wind up causing more mess than there was before. Our advice to you this year is to get rid of the things you’ve been holding onto “just in case” – from old chargers, cables, DVDs or clothes you just don’t use anymore, it’s time to let go. Bag everything up and donate to your local charity shop or homeless centre. There is no use hanging on to the clutter that you’ve not used for over a year – we promise you, you won’t miss it. Be ruthless.

Set up a storage system. This is your number one priority – we firmly believe the basis of a decluttered space is having adequate places to put the things you do want to keep. It’s important this system makes sense, you want to know where your lesser used items are when you need them, as it will avoid the situation where you’re unable to find what you need, so you end up buying another and hey presto – more stuff!

No matter the size of the room you’re focusing on, there are design hacks that can help free up floor space and give all of your belongs a place of their own! For rooms with higher ceilings, consider stalling shelves along the perimeter of the room above head height – put the things you need and love but rarely use up here – this can include books, small decorative boxes and ornaments. We love shelves as storage options as it allows you to free up floor space but also cover the less beautiful parts of a room, be it a dingy corner, bad wallpaper or an old radiator.

We believe that being organised is the key to getting out of the habit of cluttering so take the time to find drawer organisers, desk pots that you like (and will use) and don’t be afraid of hanging things on the wall!

Don’t expect it to be done in a day – this is a process. Allocate time every day for a week (or spread it out over a month) to chip away. Remember to rearrange your newly decluttered room to maximise and show off the space you’ve created – let as much natural light into the room and optimise light using mirrors and reflective items.

Happy New Year – Happy New Space! Here are some storage and shelving ideas to get you inspired.