This week in the Wylde blog we’re talking about bright interior design with sunshine hues and golden glows. From warm browns, to burnt oranges and yummy yellows – a pop of bright colour could be the transformation from spring to summer for your interior scheme. We love a daring colour palette at Wylde, and opt for the unconventional wherever the design allows it so we’re here to encourage some sunny accents and pops of summer into your scheme.

Feeling nervous? You don’t have to paint your entire house orange to brighten up your interior design – colour accents are trending in a big way this summer which means affordable and easy transformations are here! For the minimalists amongst us, you can introduce colour into your space without losing the simple, clean aesthetic. Whilst most of us think of white spaces when we hear the word minimalism, colour and minimalism can (and does!) exist.

Our suggestion for a minimalist summer revamp is to pick a bright colour and use it carefully throughout a single space – from cushions to picture frames or even the flowers or plants you’ve got in the space. For a softer look, “Ice Cream colours” are very popular, think playful pastels and chalky yellows. Still feeling overwhelmed? Fear not – a contrast of a mostly simplistic space with one element bright colourful feature can be a way to create a focal point whilst not stepping too far out of the monotone lovers comfort zone!

Feeling daring? When it comes to painting feature walls here’s everything you need to know about the colour psychology behind each sunny colour.

If you’re wanting a luxurious feel – warm browns, tan and caramel tones are the perfect option. Browns are great options for a living room space with its relaxing, comforting and restful qualities. We’d suggest opting for lighter and redder tones of brown to capture a desert-like or moroccan feel to a room! Similarly, moving from tan-brown to apricot or terracotta tones can introduce a zing of energy into a room.
We love using bright orange within interior schemes – a stimulating and energising colour that is perfect for social spaces and to bring pops of power into any cooler-coloured scheme. Any area of your home where you want flattering warmth, the softer shades of orange are ideal.
Want to bring the sunshine in? Let’s go all out and get some yellows and golden hues in the home! This bold option reflects happiness and joy – just be careful with what shade of yellow you go for, as many associate cooler yellow spaces with being unwell! Opt for warmer, more golden options for an energetic and cheerful space  – we love to see yellow on external walls too – the perfect pop of positivity!
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