This week in the Wylde blog we’re explaining the ‘Squiggly’ career! Nowadays it’s less and less likely that we find ourselves in a job for life – in fact, it’s more common to see us dipping our toes in, trying different things and even changing career paths entirely. Whilst most of us have grown up with the concept of climbing the career ladder, times have changed and flexibility is now a leading factor in our lives – across the board, but we’re particularly seeing the need for change in our work lives.

Success simply is not linear. There is no one route, but a series of experimental, developmental and fluid pathways to achieving goals within your work. The important focus is on individuality and personal ambitions and definitions of what your goals are. A squiggly career is, as the name suggests, not a straight line from A to B but an exploration of what you’re interests are, what your skills sets are and what you want to try to do.

The squiggly career actually allows for more experience and therefore more well-rounded skillsets based on more general concepts such as a person’s values, their contacts or network, their ability or training and their confidence in certain areas. We believe the traditional ladder-climbing across all professional industries actually bred unhealthy competition and rivalry rather than an all encompassing drive to do well and for our individualities to become our superpowers!

Starting in one industry and ‘hopping’ to another, is not a signifier of failure but an openness to adapt and learn. So many vital skills within the workplace are transferrable, and whether you’re taking a leap from hospitality to pursue a career in advertising or vice versa – there will be benefits and knowledge you can bring with you from each sector that will actually be advantageous.

We believe the squiggly career is designed to accomplish more, experience more and avoid the barriers or stagnancy that can come with following traditional career paths. Here’s to breaking conventional work moulds and creating a work life that works for you.