This week in the Wylde blog we’re talking winter blues! The temperature has dropped and the weather is absolutely ghastly so what could be more appropriate than to look at the coolest colour in the spectrum – blue! We featured blue interiors this summer in an attempt to cool off in Summer Splash Palette but now it’s the season to embrace the chill and see what blues can do for a wintery interior design scheme.

As we know, blue is a primary colour and comes in a variety of tones, shades and warmths. Whilst being a ‘cold’ colour, blue has connotations with calmness, serenity and relaxation so can be the perfect colour for a space where you want to unwind and relax. Choosing your tone and shade of blue can evoke different feelings and aesthetics too with deeper and darker tones being more luxurious and sophisticated and paler tones being more playful and soft.

Blue is also associated with cleanliness and water – with the greener, more aquatic tones transforming any space into something more tropical and vibrant. However, for your winter blues we’re opting for cooler shades – deep inky sapphires and icy blues with hints of greys. Now we’re not suggesting you turn your living spaces into an icebox, but to carefully pair your blue tones with warmer colours and furnishings such as complimentary colours – warm reds, oranges and rusty browns or spice things up with copper and gold accents.

We think a grey and blue colour scheme is sleek and sophisticated and can be warmed up with lighting on the yellower side and of course fairy lights, candles and lanterns! We love schemes that have multiple textures and textiles in the space – bring in cosy layering but with pops of blue to tie everything together.

For all your winter blue design inspiration – check out our gallery!